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How Green Goblet reusables work at your event.

Unsure about how to operate reusable cups at your event? Green Goblet have years' of experience and are more than happy to discuss the options and come up with the best solution for you.

The two main options available are detailed in videos below, a refundable deposit scheme or a compulsory levy. Both can be tailored if needs be to suit your business, for a more visual description of the comparision between the two reusable cup systems click here.

 Returnable deposit system


 Non-refundable levy system




Recycle Cups  A cup deposit is paid with the customers' first drink.


Recycle Cups  For their next drink, the customer brings back their empty cup to the bar and it is exchanged for a clean one.


Recycle Cups  When they are finished, customers either return their reusable cup to exchange it for their deposit, or take it home as a souvenir (depending on the system in place - see videos above).


 Recycle Cups  The venue retains a percentage from every reusable cup that is not returned; making them extra revenue and leaving a cleaner site.


Green Goblet can provide artwork and templates for bar signage to explain the scheme to your customers. We can also support with press release and ways to annouce the launch of the scheme to maximise awareness.

Depending on the event we have some extra additions which could help operationally with your reusable cup scheme. From counting tubes to assist in packing the cups, to systems to help move the products around your site. Green Goblet are happy to use our industry experience offer you any extras which could make your transition to reusable cups as smooth as possible.

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