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In Mould Labelling (Photographic Finish)

IML Printing 

We use the IML (In Mould Labelling) technique for photo printing. IML is a sophisticated process that produces brilliant, richly coloured, high gloss, printed images in excellent photo quality.

The most popular print style for Green Goblet's clients, this type of branding offers a full cover wrap that can fill 99% of the cup.

Once printed the label has a clear laminated film placed over the top to protect the design, making it very robust. 


IML cups are ideal for:

  • Photographs
  • Designs with a wide variety of colours
  • Printing on the majority of the cup

Pint to Line, IML

1 Pint IML

Handled 2 Pint Cup

2 Pint IML

Half Pint, IML

Half Pint IML


Stacking Handles

Pint Handles

500ml or 400ml IML

500ml or 400ml IML

500ml or 400ml

Pint to Brim, IML

1 Pint IML

Product material - polypropylene (PP)


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