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Reusable Products

All of Green Goblet's reusable cups are made from 100% polypropylene (PP), making them robust and long lasting.

All reusable products Green goblet

We offer three main print styles which each allow a different branding option and order quantity. Green Goblet offer the widest range of reusable cups in the UK market, from 2pint cups to shot glasses. We offer 400ml cups which are perfect for cocktails or pimms as well as champagne and wine flutes.

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Any cups which are damaged or at the end of their use are 100% recyclable. Green Goblet work closely with a local recycling company ensuring that our recycled cups are made into useful items and do not enter landfill. The reusable tote boxes that we use to deliver and collect the ecocups in are made from recycled PP.

The details below outline the print options that we offer, clicking on the images will navigate you to a new page with more information on each print type...


IML (In Mould Labelling) Printing

IML printing is available on all of our products except the wine and hot drink collections. This photographic finish is the most popular option for pint cups as the design can include unlimited colours, photographs and cover a large area of the cup.

CWC reusable oval londonengland rugby reusable stadiumfestival reusable cornwallcricket beer somerset reusable


Digital Printing

Green Goblet's digital printing service allows for smaller orders, this faster method of printing is suited to simplified artwork featuring mult-colour. Digital printing is available on our half pint and pint to brim reusables. We have a selection of templates available for wedding and birthday designs - get in touch!

anniversary cups reusable champagneWedding bride groom partydigital birthday party beer reusableWedding bride bridesmaid reusable


Screen Printing

Perfect for vibrant colours and company logos, our screen print service gives a simplified design in a single colour. Screen printing is available on every sized cup in our range from 2pint to shot glass and is Green Goblet's most affordable print option.

2pint reusable bears rugby peddler street food beer reusablehalf pint reuse races reusable editseaside reusable ecocup


The table below explains which cup sizes are available with each print type:

green goblet reusable cup range print options


Product Design Templates

Download design templates for your cup design placement.

 Under IML, Screen or Digital, click the chosen product size you require to download the appriopirate pdf product deisng template.

All reusable IML products Green goblet

Download Artwork submission guide for help and information on IML template use.

2 Pint (IML)

Tower Pint (IML)

Pint-to-BRIM (IML)


500ml (IML)

400ml (IML)

1/2 Pint (IML)

250ml (IML)

150ml (IML)

100ml (IML)


All reusable screen products Green goblet

Download Artwork submission guide for help and information on SCREEN template use.

1 Litre (Screen)

Pint-to-BRIM (Screen)

Pint-to-LINE (Screen)

500ml (Screen)

400ml (Screen)

1/2 Pint (Screen)

12z Hot Cup (Screen)

250ml (Screen)

150ml (Screen)

100ml (Screen)

25ml (Screen)

250ml Wine (Screen)

120ml Flute (Screen)

170ml Flute (Screen)

2 Pint (Screen)

All digital print products Green goblet

Download Artwork submission guide for help and information on DIGITAL template use.

Pint-to-BRIM (Digital)

1/2 Pint (Digital)


If you have any further questions on our reusable cups and services please contact us by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. where we will be happy to help.














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