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Reverse tap system 

Reusable Cups with ReverseTap

Imagine one bartender filling 12 cups of beer in 1 minute and each cup being filled with exactly the same amount of beer every time!

Better yet....Imagine this being done without any waste, spillage or loss of beer quality.

With the ReverseTap clever beer system, it is now a reality!



The ReverseTap dispenser has a controlled and calculated pour, allowing you to choose the exact

amount poured and even the amount of head when pouring beer. Current, conventional tapping has an

accepted loss of on average 15% due to overflow caused by factors such as operator mistakes,

resulting from almost every pour.                                                                                                                                                              

The ReverseTap system deals with these issues, resulting in a waste percentage of 2% or less!                                                           


The ReverseTap dispenser is extraordinarily fast! It’s so quick in fact, that one bartender can fill 12

cups per minute using one machine, which is 4 times faster than conventional dispensing. A trained

operator can easily operate two or three units at the same time. Imagine this super-fast service

during a busy music, sport or festival event where we’re used to seeing long queues.                                                                                                                                                                                          

Customers are served faster, more product is sold. Happier customers, higher number of sales.                                                                                                                                                                          


The ReverseTap system is hands-free, allowing the operator to pour more drinks, take payments or

sell other items on offer. Quite simply it allows the operator to more easily engage with the

customer to better satisfy their needs and create a better consumer experience.



The ReverseTap system is much more than a fun and spectacular way to serve beer. It also gives you

the opportunity to show your latest advertisement on the 7" LCD screen at the front of the dispenser.

The video is easily installed via USB and there is also practical space for logotypes on each side of

the LCD screen.


  • Speed - 8 second pint pour
  • Save - Less beer wasted
  • Reusable Cups - Dishwasher-proof
  • Branded Cups - Ideal for festivals, sporting events and more
  • Hands-Free - Leaves staff free to multi task
  • Advertising - 7” LCD screen


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